My Story

The personal side of Andrena
  • Best friend to my partner of over eight years John
  • Aunt to my very sweet niece Ava
  • Raised in the Niagara Region, Canada
  • Have one older brother (father of my sweet niece), and a younger sister
  • Love travelling and experiencing new adventures with John
  • Can’t play a musical instrument if my life depended on it
  • Love to sing when I’m alone in the car, but really can’t hold a tune at all
  • Motivator
  • Friend
  • Love Matlock and Murder She Wrote
  • Love Chinese food, red wine, warm blueberry pie with french vanilla ice cream
  • Hate asparagus, mushrooms, raisins
  • Travelled to Spain, Gibraltar, and Morocco by myself when I was 28
  • Love being on the water
  • Aspire to be considered a moderately decent golfer
  • Passionate about education
  • I love to garden and share my produce

The professional side of Andrena

  • I am a proud member of Celebrating Life Ministries
  • I have a Bachelors of Arts Degree and a Master of Science in Education Degree
  • I am a Licensed Ontario School Teacher
  • I am a Certified Human Resources Professional Candidate
  • I am a volunteer at Jericho House in Wainfleet
  • I Love to dream

The passionate side of Andrena

  • I am passionate about my best friend and partner John. He is the most supportive, trusting, and amazing person I know
  • I am passionate about life, it should be lived to the fullest every day
  • I am passionate about taking chances and trying new experiences
  • I am passionate in being clear when I speak. Misunderstandings create hostility
  • I am passionate about education
  • I am passionate about challenging myself and inspiring others
  • I am passionate about respect, honesty and trust